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Michael makes an incredible gin and his facilities are second-to-none! Also of note is the beautiful design that adorns each and every bottle. Even if you're not a religious gin drinker, it's a lovely souvenir of Tasmania's natural beauty.

Thanks for having us.


Impression Bay Distillery have produced a wonderful gin which has quickly become a house favourite of ours. Upon opening the bottle, you are greeted with a striking aroma of botanicals with a crisp refreshing flavour to back it up. The perfect way to finish the day. This Tasmanian gin will not disappoint.

Highly recommended.


An instant favourite, smooth balanced sophisticated. So many back yard gin makers popping up in Tasmania and confusing the market with their trite blends, but this is the real deal and sure to stick around.

Ginster (Anonymous)

Delicious delicately favoured smooth drink. Also beautifully presented with its special label.

Highly recommend.

Gin Lover (Anonymous)

10/10 for this very smooth drinking gin.

Amazing aroma.